Entertainment for Your Events

Have a story you want told for a company/group gathering? 

Or maybe you would like a performance at your organization's next big event?

That's where I come in. 

I created Blank Canvas Performance to provide an unforgettable educational experience. Within the cost of each performance package, we will write a custom 20-minute performance of a solo character of your choice from a snapshot in history--perfect for educational events, corporate events, historical societies and preservations, and non-profit organizations. 


From murder and romance to history, mystery and intrigue, Blank Canvas Performance will cater to your company's needs for entertainment. 

You provide the space, we provide enriching, educational, and captivating stories LIVE for your guests. 

If you don't want a custom story but want a performance for an event, please contact using the link below to request a pre-written story. 

1 performance - $195

2 performances - $300

3 performances - $450



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