Image by Manos Gkikas

M Y   S T O R Y

About a 30-minute drive outside of Louisville, KY lays Simpsonville. A big open country of green grass and blue skies. It was here where I would call home, and it was here my imagination would grow. As a kid, I was constantly playing, both inside and outside. Twenty-nine years later, I now do it for a living. 

I have been drawn to various mediums of art throughout my life. In my early twenties, I obtained my BA from Bellarmine University in 2013 with an emphasis in Theatre and Communications. My passion for acting bloomed then. I became an actor at The Frazier History Museum, and wrote my own scripts, then performed them for the public.  

After 5 years at the museum, I felt like it was time to take my passion for acting to the next level. I decided I needed more training, so in the Spring of 2019, I obtained my MFA from the University of Houston's Professional Actor Training Company. Post graduation, I reside in Louisville, travelling for auditions, and working towards mediums of TV, film, theatre, and print.  



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